This site is being re-built. I am using this site to give access to documents pertaining

to UFO incidentsthat have occured in Atlantic Canada with some other incidents

I think are important from around the globe. Whereas I have been involved with the

Shag Harbour Incident for some twenty years now I want to use this site to display

documents for the curious. Additionally I want to use this site to announce

upcoming radio and televison programs that deal with UFO incidents and the

many (I've lost count) that I have done over the last 20 years. Don Ledger


The site of the UFO Incident at Shag Harbour - Photo-Don Ledger

October 7, 1967

Photo Don Ledger

Shag Harbour is between Cape Sable Island and Woods Harbour at left end of line above. For some reason it isn't shown on this provincial map.





Don Ledger


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Maritime UFO Files UFO Cases from the Atlantic Region including Newfoundland and Labrador.


Updated June 13, 2014